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The Complete .NET Coding Bootcamp

From beginner to full-stack web developer at your own pace and from the comfort of your own home.

You'll learn the latest in-demand technologies and skills to make you a valuable asset to any developer team.

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Meet Your Instructors

These aren't just some guys from YouTube. Our Instructors have over 60 years of combined real industry experience and have taught hundreds of students how to code.

This is the A-Team of Instructors!

Bobby Davis Headshot

Bobby Davis

Bobby is the founder of multiple successful tech companies, including Core Techs and Advanced Fraud Solutions. Code written by his teams is running in thousands of financial institutions, municipalities, and businesses across the country.

Bobby’s firms are known for innovation and growth, being recognized by Inc Magazine as one of the “Fastest Growing Private Companies” four years in a row.

Jason Twichell Headshot

Jason Twichell

Jason has over 20 years of experience as a professional Software Developer and carries degrees in Computer Science and IT Management.

Jason has trained over 100 students in Web Development and has a knack for rapidly turning students with no coding experience into professionals.

Antonio Raynor Headshot

Antonio Raynor

Antonio has over 20 years of experience as a professional Software Developer and a Bachelor of Science degree in Computer Science.

Antonio designed the Coder Foundry curriculum to reflect current needs in the marketplace. He has structured the immersive program to imitate a true working environment for Software Developers.

Build A Rockstar Portfolio

Whether you're a seasoned veteran or a code newbie, every developer should have a portfolio of work.

In this course, you'll build a rockstar web developer portfolio to launch your career.

You'll learn how to use your portfolio to answer technical questions during the interview process to win the role.

Web Developer Portfolio

More Than a Curriculum

Coder Foundry has been teaching .NET since 2014. This curriculum is years in the making and is constantly evolving to our students' needs.

We've already helped hundreds of students start successful careers using the exact same information you're going to learn in this course.

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"From the beginning you immediately start learning necessary building blocks to any web development project. The early focus on getting a professional portfolio built to share with recruiters is possibly the most unique part of this course. Talking with local hopeful developers in my area revealed I’m the only one with a portfolio website, all thanks to Coder Foundry!"


"I am primarily a self-taught developer, with some Frontend development experience under my belt. I have taken a lot of courses, be it on Udemy, PluralSight, Frontend Masters, Scrimba ... I have not seen this level of content presented, like this, with a comprehensive roadmap, and skilled teaching. The comprehensive roadmap is very important. Most courses out there teach you bits and pieces, but not a holistic learning experience, taking you from nothing to a full-stack developer. I genuinely wish Coder Foundry had started this learning platform earlier."


The Curriculum

Developed and refined over the course of eight years, the curriculum covers everything you need to know to start a full-stack web developer career.


The building blocks of every web page. At the core of every website and web application, you will find HTML. You'll learn how to lay out a personal portfolio, display information from a database, and collect information from the visitors to your site. You will also learn to combine HTML with JavaScript and CSS to create professional, responsive, and dynamic projects.


Without CSS the web would be a dull and boring place. Learn to leverage CSS to ensure consistent style and branding in all of your applications. From basics like color selection to more complex uses like layout and animation, a working knowledge of CSS will take your applications from tutorials to business software.


JavaScript makes the interactive web possible. You will start by learning how to receive input from a user, perform calculations, and render the result. Once you have a grasp on the basics, you can move on to the more complex; sending emails without setting up a server, importing libraries to improve your application, and even making queries to the server based on user choices. Writing functional JavaScript is crucial for a full-stack developer. If the front end and back end cannot communicate the application doesn't work!


Object-oriented, managed, and powering enterprise. What more can you ask from a programming language? You won't find any console applications in this course, you will be focusing on practical applications that are ready for the web right from the start. C# is the best choice to start as a full-stack developer. Created by Microsoft, and powering their .NET framework, means the opportunities for work are only going to grow!


SQL (pronounced the same as sequel) is the language that relational databases speak. Being able to interact with the database is one of the defining features of a full-stack developer and what makes them so desired by companies. From a blank page to a fully constructed database that can respond to API calls, full-stack developers can create it all!

.NET 5

Microsoft's premiere application design framework. Building on the success of the cross-platform .NET Core framework, the .NET 5 framework combines the best features of Core and .NET 4. Learning .NET 5 gives you a leg up on the release of .NET 6 and MAUI, the future of cross-platform enterprise and mobile development.


A CSS framework originally developed by Twitter, Bootstrap is a leading design framework that allows for responsive and mobile-ready development. Based on a standardized grid layout, the Bootstrap framework allows for professional and responsive applications to be created quickly and easily. Instead of spending hours fighting with your layout, let Bootstrap do the heavy lifting so you can get back to the functional code.

Interview Skills

Win the interview! You've built your portfolio and applications, networked on LinkedIn, and got the call for your interview... now what? Learn how to use your applications to control the interview and prove that you can land the role!

Build Enterprise-Grade Apps

These are business-focused projects, not Tic-tac-toe.

Bug Tracker Application

Bug Tracker

A flexible application that allows a business to identify, report, and track bugs in their software.

**Partially completed as of Jan 2022**

Movie Pro

Introduce yourself to full-stack development by building an application to manage a database of movies.

Blog Application


Why limit yourself to WordPress when you can build your own? Establish yourself as a developer by both building a blog and writing coding-focused posts.

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  • Full access to all content (currently around 300 videos + written content)
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  • 5-day moneyback guarantee - from the date of initial purchase (not including re-subscription)
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  • Full access to all content (currently around 300 videos + written content)
  • LIVE group instructor sessions (via Zoom)
  • Community support via Discord
  • 5-day moneyback guarantee - from the date of initial purchase (not including re-subscription)
  • No long term contract - cancel anytime

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