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Linkedin For Web Developers

Linkedin is the #1 place recruiters and employers use to find talent. If you don't have a good Linkedin profile you're missing out on opportunities you didn't even know existed.

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This course covers the top actionable tips to improve your Linkedin profile so you'll stand out to prospective employers and recruiters.

 13 Lessons

 48 min

Introduction to Linkedin
Tip #1: Header Image
Tip #2: Profile Image
Tip #3: Headline / Skills
Tip #4: The Summary
Tip #5: Featured Section
Tip #6: Open To Work
Tip #7: Connections
Tip #8: Posts
Tip #9: Comment On Posts
Tip #10: Linkedin Premium
Tip #11: Finding Recruiters
Tip #12: Job Searching

More Than a Curriculum

Coder Foundry has been teaching .NET since 2014. This curriculum is years in the making and is constantly evolving to our students' needs.

We've already helped hundreds of students start successful careers using the exact same information you're going to learn in this course.

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Meet Your Instructors

These aren't just some guys from YouTube. Our Instructors have over 60 years of combined real industry experience and have taught hundreds of students how to code.

This is the A-Team of Instructors!

Bobby Davis

Bobby Davis

Bobby is the founder of multiple successful tech companies, including Core Techs and Advanced Fraud Solutions. Code written by his teams is running in thousands of financial institutions, municipalities, and businesses across the country.

Bobby’s firms are known for innovation and growth, being recognized by Inc Magazine as one of the “Fastest-Growing Private Companies” four years in a row.

Antonio Raynor

Antonio Raynor

Antonio has over 20 years of experience as a professional Software Developer and a Bachelor of Science degree in Computer Science.

Antonio designed the Coder Foundry curriculum to reflect current needs in the marketplace. He has structured the immersive program to imitate a true working environment for Software Developers.

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